Former Canadian Secretary of Defense Reveals the Truthabout illuminati

Paul Hellyer, 94, who served in the post from 1963 to 1967
the heads of the Canadian Department of Defense, considered the most
high-ranking modern politician supporting various
conspiracy theories.

For example, he claims that representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations have long been visiting our planet, and the governments of the world
powers are forced to obey the will of aliens, so that, on the one
hand, to preserve their power, but on the other – to prevent the explicit
confrontation with aliens that may result in the unknown
what However, there are, according to Hellaier, less significant than
the aliens, the forces that, relying on the support of the latter, let
mediocre, but they control all life on our planet.

This time, the former defense minister decided to tell the world the truth about
Illuminati. Despite the fact that the existence of this and other
orders and societies of occult-philosophical and mystical sense no one
long does not hide, it is officially considered that this is just a gathering
famous and influential people meeting for fun. The
However, one of the largest conspiracy theories is that
the Illuminati tacitly control all power on Earth and paneer
establish a new world order that will allow the shadow elite
control humanity endlessly through authoritarian

Paul Hellyer, as you might guess, confirms
the existence of the Illuminati and calls them incredibly powerful
by force. The shadow government, according to the Canadians, unleashes wars,
quarrels peoples and keeps them under control thanks to fear.
Terrorism, global climate change on the planet, hunger and
epidemics – all this, they say, is also the work of the Illuminati. If a
believe Hellyeru, the legendary secret society blocks development
sources of cheap and even infinite energy; does not allow to develop
medicine and technology that would allow to feed with
the minimum cost of all the inhabitants of the planet; prohibits scientists
work on climate control systems, etc.

Not everyone believes the former Canadian official. Even many
conspiracy theorists think his words about aliens are far-fetched and not very
logical According to Paul’s logic, the Illuminati are just pawns in
the hands of the aliens, obedient performers. In this case, it is
the aliens are plotting something unkind and maybe they themselves are
those mystical illuminati – the secret rulers of mankind.
But on the other hand, according to ufological theories, on Earth
there are many alien races that support
neutrality – non-interference in the life of human society, giving
it develops naturally. In this case, the Illuminati is
no more than imagining about themselves the tip of the rich, which if
has something to do with the aliens, then to the darkest of them
representatives. In religious beliefs they are called demons. But
dark forces in the universe cannot reign supremely and
forever …

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