Former chief of Pentagon’s secret programUFO search told the world the truth

Not long ago, the world shook the unexpected news that with
2007 to 2012 the US Department of Defense was secret
“AATIP” program on search, study and, in the case of extreme
necessary, the destruction of the so-called “abnormal
aerospace threats. ” Simply put, unidentified flying
objects. Spokesman for the US Department of Defense Tom Crosson
told the world community that only a secret program
allocated about 22 million dollars and then funding was
discontinued, and the project allegedly ended. However, everything can be
not so simple.

The former head of “AATIP” believes that the project could not close

Luis Elizondo, who was the head of AATIP, is convinced that
the program could not be closed, but instead transferred to a new one.
level of secrecy. Luis worked in the Pentagon for 10 years, studying UFOs.
and the threats emanating from them, and therefore the specialist has every reason
believing that the US government will not just happen
отказываться от исследования «аномальных aerospace threats. ”
Throughout his adult life, Elizondo defended his native country, participated
in military conflicts and fought terrorism, however, what he
encountered on this service made him reconsider a lot in
their views on the security of the homeland and the world.

Pentagon officer talks about the alien threat

Here is what the man says:

Today, American politicians are scaring the Western world with Russia and
China – supposedly the main threat for us comes from them. However this
just a fairy tale for the average man in the street. Personally, I would
very happy if our main enemies really were
Russian or Chinese, that is, the same people as we are. On the very same
In fact, the threat comes from outside, from space, and humanity has not yet
ready to resist it in theory. We can only hope that
that guests from other worlds are not interested in our destruction or
enslavement, and experiencing a purely observing human race

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