Former Pentagon official told viewersCNN Aliens Channel

Former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo in a great interview for
CNN channel told that the aliens actually
exist that the US military has enough evidence
Moreover, all this evidence is hidden from the wide
the public.

Until last fall, Elizondo was the head of the secret
a program that studies real threats to the United States with
hand aliens. The goal of this government project was
collection of any information about UFOs and aliens. It was received by officials from
using witness interviews, as well as applying all sorts of
technical means of the military of the Pentagon.

Here’s how Louis himself talks about this:

We dug a lot of things and found, for example, military pilots
constantly encountered UFOs that were easily ignored not only
the laws of aerodynamics, but also the laws of physics in general, because they could
fly and maneuver at extreme speeds, just disappear
from our reality, nowhere to appear and much more –
absolutely fantastic. There are no such devices either in the USA or in
any other country in the world, even in Russia, if someone from
Americans are afraid of this.

Luis Elizondo also confirmed that in 1947, under the city
Roswell in the desert was actually shot down by a UFO, as evidenced by
many reports of the military, which he himself read and saw. All these
witnesses simply signed nondisclosure documents
mystery, however, the mysterious events still somehow leaked into
�The “yellow” press and, ultimately, became public. AT
as a real confirmation of his words a former official
Pentagon showed CNN viewers photos
mysterious metal that was found at the shipwreck
aliens at roswell.

ATот такое сенсационное интервью (смотрите ниже). And it,
would probably have the effect of a bombshell, if before
these on the Internet did not flicker videos about the pursuit of fighters
ATATС Соединенных Штатов за НЛО, которые также предоставил Пентагон в
the form of removing the secrecy bar from certain materials relating to
aliens. What is this, a coincidence?

Conspiracy therapists do not believe in such accidents, especially from
the US government, for which, we must assume, are also
Illuminati. Proponents of conspiracy theories believe that these stuffings with
sides of the world elite aim to prepare the consciousness of people
to something important and global, for example, the long-awaited
official contact with aliens, which is quite possible
It will be far from earthlings for the holiday, but the greatest tragedy …

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