Former US Air Force engineer told about the aliensRoswell

Raymond имimanski, a former military engineer of the American Army,
said that the rumors about the crashed “flying saucer” and the detection
aliens on a dead ship in the desert near the city of Roswell in 1947
year, not fiction. It was so.

Here are just the remnants of UFOs and the aliens themselves were transported and
then they were not stored in the famous “Zone 51”, as they still think
some conspiracy therapists, and at the US Air Force base Wright-Patterson in
Dayton. She is still home to aliens,
who may be collaborating with the Americans today.

All this at one time a former military engineer who has
certain access to classified information learned from his
chief, whom he conditionally or realistically (he himself is not
specified) calls by name El. It is in the underground base complex
Wright-patterson in dayton was delivered all that american
the military got hold of thanks to the roswell incident.

Raymond Szymanski himself due to limited access could not
descend into those secret basement dungeons, and therefore with your own eyes
did not see anything, why immediately stipulates that his story
built with the words of his superior. However, Raymond has no
reason not to trust the words of ale, it was not the person who
could add something, think up, mislead.

Moreover, Жimanski himself during his secret work on this
base three times faced with the so-called “people in black”,
who were monitoring all the employees of this secret
complex. And this is not the people, says the former military

By the way, conspiracy scientists are still looking for traces of aliens at the base
�”Zones 51″. The other day, for example, ambitious researchers even
climbed the peak of Tikabu to from this highest point
located in the area of ​​the secret object of the US Air Force, remove the base and
all that is abnormal on it. After all, otherwise get close to her
just impossible, the guards will just turn you back or even

Adventurers coped with the task, even removed
an interesting video about your outing (see video below),
however, in the panorama from the top you will not find on “Zone 51”, if not
the climbers themselves discovered this, no “flying saucers” and even
traces of aliens. Although, according to the conspiracy, secret
military base is growing (this is proved by space

It turns out that Raymond Zimanski is right: the aliens (or their tracks) need
look for a completely different place – in Dayton on a secret base

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