Found a film – as a prophecy about the futureof humanity

Film critics and experts in the field of supernatural phenomena
they often name some films in horror genres
and thriller the most terrible, creepy and frightening. However almost
always honored with a painting of ghosts,
monsters, curses, epidemics and the like.

Now, an opinion on this matter was unexpectedly decided to express
Representatives of the famous American UFO organization
�Mutual UFO Network. According to UFO researchers and
extraterrestrial civilizations, they managed to find a film that
really scared them even, accustomed and not to such horrors,
and real, not fictional. And so it seemed to us
worthy of attention of anyone interested in alien
themed …

Fiction, talent embodied in the film

It’s about the sci-fi horror movie “The Endless”
(directing visionaries Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead), which
soon to be on the screens of some Russian cinemas.
The name of the film translates as “Infinite”, which is entirely
corresponds to the idea of ​​the work, but domestic distributors
for some reason it was translated as “Paranormal.”

This low-budget picture has gained considerable success with
foreign critics, however clearly did not become a big hit. None
however, ufologists from “MUFON” note that it is such little-known
and ignored by the mass audience of works are often
extremely interesting and giving food for thought.

�”The Infinite” tells the story of two brothers who escaped to
youth from a strange ufological sect, which the eldest of them
considered dangerous. A decade after that they get
mysterious message from his former “family” and decide for a while
return to the cult to visit old friends. Once there,
our heroes are surprised to understand that all members of the cult are completely
have not grown old in the past tense, but behind the village where these people live,
unceasingly watching some kind of unseen powerful power. She is
interacts with sectarians, sending them photos and videos
what she sees herself. Further events, as you might guess,
escalated, and the brothers realize that their return to the sect was
very bad idea.

Fiction that may well be true

Despite the fact that the film lacks cruelty in the usual
for us to understand, American ufologists counted this tape
truly terrifying and suggestive of the darkest thoughts.

And the reason for this reaction, according to MUFON experts, is very
is simple. �”Infinite” clearly demonstrates the vulnerability of man
in front of an incomprehensible alien (presumably) entity,
perceiving and changing the surrounding reality is not at all like
we are with you. That’s what an experienced Chicago ufologist says about this and
conspirologist Matthew Mlowoney, impressed by the described movie:

«Бесконечное» поднимает очень важную для of humanity тему.
Many are accustomed to believe that aliens will fly to Earth on
�“Flying saucer” will come out of it and shake hands with us. At worst
If possible try to conquer us with the help of laser blasters. But
what if the alien mind is different from us so much
radically that we won’t even be able to realize all the aspects of this
differences? What if these entities can offer us much more
terrible fate than death? Of course, we only have
artwork born to the rich
imagination of creators, however, purely hypothetically,
there could be interaction between people and guests from another world.
This is one of the many options for a possible contact of aliens with

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