Found a mysterious hand in the family photo

This story is somewhat belated, but sometimes it happens that
man discovers something startling not immediately. Or
paranormalism seems to manifest itself only for a few years.

In general, it all happened like this: 28-year-old resident
Britain’s Rinnisa Trelf rested with family and friends in
Manchester. The travelers traveled to the Dawston Reservoir,
where did some photos. This happened back in 2011,
however, our heroine just now noticed a strange detail on one
out of those shots, sorting out the other day family pictures. Woman
turned out to be quite puzzled by her discovery and concluded that 7
years ago something supernatural happened to her.

The presented image shows Rinnis with her boyfriend in
surrounded by loved ones. In total, 6 people are visible in the frame. However if
count the hands of those present, then you can see that their damn
dozen! Where did the pale 13th hand come from, looking out from behind
boyfriend Trefy? The British swears that next to this group
holidaymakers were not strangers who could quietly
get into the lens. But this is not the strangest and most frightening.

A full man in a cap, says Rinnisa Tref, to whom
as if the mysterious hand is pointing to an ominous picture, has passed away
shortly after this trip, although it is a relatively young guy,
who was not ill and was, as they say, full of vitality and
making grand plans for the future. Also on that day
Not far from the reservoir they found the body of an unknown woman, which is quite
then struck the British, but all these terrible events she
tied together just now, discovering a mysterious hand on

Note that the Dawston reservoir is generally considered bad.
a place where mysterious deaths often occur. For example, in 2015
year, the corpse of 67-year-old retiree David Lytton was found here. BUT
a year earlier, the body of a 28-year-old gardener turned up in a thicket off the coast
Craig Wilcox. And here nobody kills anyone, people just
die for an unknown reason …

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