Found an old photo of a stranger who metAmerican in Alaska

American researchers of supernatural phenomena from
communities “Central Ohio Paranormal Research Group” received yesterday
amazing letter. According to the sender of this message, recently
his grandfather passed away. Sorting things off a deceased relative, a man
suddenly came across a very unusual photo.

A rather low-quality black and white image depicts a certain
humanoid creature with a big head and large dark eyes,
looking straight into the camera lens. Suddenly, our hero remembered
how grandfather told him in his distant childhood very mysterious
a story about those times when he lived in Alaska in the 1930s.

He told his grandson that he once went to the lake in the evening and
I saw in the forest near the reservoir a strange humanoid
creation: pale, completely naked, having a disproportionate
large head with bottomless black eyes. Hair, nose, ears,
the humanoid had no mouth, nipples, navel or genitals. The man
shouted a stranger, and he rushed away. Fortunately, the American
turned out to be a cheap camera. He chased the creature and
managed to take a picture of him once. After this creature somewhere

It turns out that the strange story of the old man turned out to be true? But who
He then captured in the forest? Specialists from Central Ohio Paranormal
Research Group “convinced that it was the real
Alien who conducted exploration in Alaska. It is possible that
nearby was an aircraft with its congeners. If so
then the American is very lucky that guests from another planet are not punished
him for such a reckless prank.

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