Found “fresh” dinosaur remains

In the Indian village of Jaspur (Uttarakhand state) did
a striking find – recently found here “fresh” remains
dinosaur, or let’s say, a creature suspiciously resembling
little prehistoric monster.

According to the official version, representatives of this
species of ancient dinosaurs became extinct over 65 million years ago, however
the bones of the found animal still have pieces of flesh.
Experts believe, whatever creature this creature may be, it
died less than a hundred years ago. Are dinosaurs still alive and
hiding in India, much of the territory of which
is virgin nature?

The remains were found by an electrician, who descended into an abandoned
substation, closed 35 years ago. It’s about a petty corpse
animal length of only 28 centimeters, which ran on powerful
hind legs and, most likely, was a predator. According to the structure
skeleton it is very similar to the young lizard of the suborder

At the moment, the remains are at Kumaun University, where
scientists plan to identify them, including through
DNA analysis. A local paleontologist, Bahadur Kotlia, states that
yet can not accurately say what kind of beast, however
the professor confirms that the creature is very much like a dinosaur, and
the world can expect a real sensation soon.

Only if there is a sensation, that is the question? For example, the horn
Triceratops, found in 2012 in the United States, according to
radiocarbon analysis showed that this prehistoric lizard lived
not 65 million years ago, but only 30-40 thousand years. I.e
dinosaurs existed not so long ago. However, this sensation
turned out to be only for a narrow circle of independent researchers, and
the whole world never knew that our understanding of history
the emergence and development of life on Earth, to put it mildly, erroneously,
if not more, it is criminally false. So expect the world
sensation in the case of evidence that in India found “fresh”
the remains of the dinosaur is not necessary. Most likely, DNA analysis
the remains will not show anything, or rather, only that
corresponds to the established views of official science.

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