Found new evidence of “lunarconspiracy

The question of the Americans flying to the moon or the unreality of those before
so far it is practically a matter of faith, since too much
contradictory facts in all this “cosmic play” of the past

Despite the fact that NASA has provided the world community
a lot of material shot, according to representatives
departments, on the natural satellite of the Earth, the conspiracy therapists found
an abundance of arguments that moon missions are
a hoax. So believe in astronaut travel on Selena
or not – everyone decides for himself.

However, if you are interested in exposing the so-called
«лунного conspiracy, то зарубежные конспирологи нашли новое
potential evidence that the legendary space
The Apollo program was falsified. Enthusiasts have compared
the famous shot of Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the lunar soil with a shoe
an astronaut stored in the Washington National Museum
aeronautics and astronautics.

It turned out that the imprint is absolutely not consistent with the picture.
the soles as you can see on the collage above. In this way,
the us national space agency maybe
made an annoying oversight by hanging the trusting average people noodles on
ears. Or maybe conspiracy theories are just something.

This unexpected discovery was made by an American astronomer and
conspirologist Phil Plate and his recent colleagues
Smithsonian Institution with a museum with it. As soon as researchers
announced their discovery on the Internet, NASA employees immediately
made a rebuttal.

According to scientists, Neil Armstrong and other astronauts
used special shoe nozzles for walking on the moon.
However, why these attachments are not exposed to public display in
museum of aeronautics and astronautics
for some reason they did not want to explain.

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