Found on Mars disk with Sumerian writings. BUTmaybe Mars is still inhabited?

World scientists are increasingly saying that Mars is probably in
really is not a dead planet. Today many
researchers recognize it, that on the Red Planet was, eh,
perhaps there is still life, and not some bacteria there,
and very intelligent beings, far ahead of us in development.
No wonder in the pictures of a distant celestial body constantly find
artifacts, sculptures, humanoid remains, or fragments of sculptures,
spaceships and even entire cities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations
or martians.

How did the Sumerians turn up on Mars?

Numerous finds of ufologists and virtual archaeologists sow
grains of doubt even in the minds of the most conservative scientists. TO
For example, at the end of last month, alternative researchers
discovered on Mars a giant perfectly even circle with mysterious
Written, carved into the rock. It looks suspiciously like a disk with
Sumerian engraving. But the ancient inhabitants of the South could not
Месопотамии побывать на TOрасной планете и оставить там частичку
your culture? Perhaps it was the Martians who once flew in on
Earth and taught one of the first human civilizations to their
language? TOонспирологи допускают такую возможность.

Using modern computer technology, specialists
processed the satellite image and obtained the clearest of
available image of this mysterious disk. It turned out that he
contains a drawing similar to a bearded man with an outstretched hand.
Some ufologists have suggested that the rock is
the spaceship, and the circle with the letters is “green
men “as a guide for finding their flying
apparatus. Others are sure that the circle “painted” themselves on the stone.
the Martians may have been long ago, but they were and there are no
доказательств, что их нет на TOрасной планете до сих пор. On the contrary
there is circumstantial evidence of just the opposite …

Witnesses of the existence of a highly developed civilization on

Например, в Волгограде живет Борис TOуприянов, который с детства
considered an indigo boy because he had a phenomenal memory
and amazing abilities. But the most striking thing about it
the child was that he remembered his former lives, and not somehow
vague and vague, but very clear. From an early age, Boris
told parents, peers, and so on, that in one of
past lives, he was a Martian.

Now this Russian prodigy is already 20 years old, but he is still
pores amazes professors with their erudition and knowledge
practically none on Earth. Так вот Борис утверждает, что на Mars до
still there is a highly developed civilization, however, after a nuclear
the war, the survivors, the Martians went deep into their planet,
built cities there and eventually learning to breathe carbonic

TOстати, TOуприянов вспоминал, что, будучи марсианином, он не раз
visited the Earth, still keeping many secrets for earthlings themselves,
who are just learning to comprehend the world around them. By his
human life is fundamentally changed when
the ancient Egyptian Sphinx will open, associated with a visit to our
planets by representatives of other civilizations, including
Martians …

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