Found on Mars like huge nutsstructures

Popular Taiwanese ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring
claims to have found something unusual in the pictures of Mars again.
Researcher reviewed photographs of the Red Planet taken
NASA’s Mars Intelligence satellite, and unexpectedly discovered
on the highlands of elysium a huge array of large objects similar to
all known nuts.

After careful study of these anomalies, Waring wrote on
Your official website is as follows:

Before us is another interesting discovery made by me. On
Mars, it turns out, there are numerous symmetric
structures, явно выполненные не природой, а разумными существами. I
I think that this is the ruins of an alien civilization. If something
similar found on Earth now, most people would be all
equally. But if everyone finds out that intelligent life exists so close.
to us, it will cause unprecedented commotion in society. That is why
the US National Space Agency does not want to disclose
us the truth. NASA does not want us to know about it! Maybe the reason
is it completely different? Maybe NASA intends to find on Mars
technologies that will raise the US to a new technological level

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