Found rock art, which more than 40thousand years

Rock paintings are the most ancient “written”
sources that are in graphic form but told about
specific events of antiquity is quite understandable to us, albeit
symbolic language.

Many such “stone” paintings have been discovered in the world;
пещерными людьми в период от 10 до 36 thousand years назад. And the most
Old rock art was found in Western Europe,
mainly in Spain and France, which allowed modern
the Spaniards and the French proudly glances in the direction of others
nations of the world.

However, this is nothing more than a joke, in which, however,
lurked a shadow of truth. And so, as the Daily Mail writes, just recently
on the island of Borneo, found a rock drawing, which 40 thousand
years (at least), and, you know, the European countries to this are not
have nothing to do with. It turns out that the most ancient art
Paleolithic successfully developed in both Europe and Indonesia, and
it is still unknown why the latter region is showing
only a grain of such stone creativity.

This is what the immediate participants in this say
opening professors Maxim Obert and Adam Brumm:

On the one hand, the rock carrot discovered on the island of Borneo
the picture tells us that the most ancient world was developing not only
in Western Europe. And on the other hand, the colossal age of this
This may explain why in Indonesia such
It is not enough finds: they are too ancient, poorly preserved (this can be seen
even in the photo – see above) or completely erased by time.

Clarify that the rock drawing of the island of Borneo shows
some horned animal (in the picture, we repeat, it is not very clear
can be seen), and a spear is clearly sticking out of the side of a bull or a cow, which can
to serve as a testimony of the worship of hunting at that distant time with
the parties of the natives inhabiting this territory of the Earth. That is, we
we see not just the most ancient art of man, but his story about
the difficult life of that distant period in the history of mankind …

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