Found the director of the legendary autopsy videoalien

The little-known director Spiros Melaris made a striking
statement. Briton admitted that he is the author of the 17-minute
ролика под названием «Вскрытие alien», опубликованного в 1995
year and became the most famous video fake in history. Data
shots, according to legend, were obtained in 1947 on the American
a military base in Roswell, where two pathologists allegedly conducted
autopsy representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Sensational video and the reaction of the world to him

If you remember, 22 years ago this sensational material
produced the effect of a bombshell. He was broadcast on all
channels, ufologists triumphantly shouted that they finally received
one hundred percent proof of the existence of aliens, paranoids
preparing for the invasion of aliens, the Americans picketed
government buildings demanding that the authorities stop shelling
�”Flying saucers”. In short, the hype has risen

However, immediately there were a lot of skeptics and officials
who denied the authenticity of this film material. So,
US Air Force officials said they never shot down any UFO,
and the activities of the military in Roswell are classified because of the development
weapons. And representatives of forensic medicine immediately reported that people
never captured in this video
scalpel. They say that “pathologists” keep medical records on the record.
tools are wrong, and besides, do not weigh the internal
organs “green man”, which is unacceptable for such work.

But all this was only circumstantial evidence of a fake. Now
it turned out that the sensational video was not received by the special services
on a secret base, and an improvised film crew in the usual
london apartment. 58-year-old Spiros Melaris today wholeheartedly
admitted in an interview with one of the British channels that he
снял легендарное «Вскрытие alien», которое в наше время отнесли
to the artistic genre of pseudo-documentalism. And the reason for this
fakes banal: this video, shot for 50 thousand dollars,
brought the director and his colleagues millions when mystifiers
sold their stuff to reporters.

How to create a fake

Briton says he visited Cannes in 1995 and
I met film producer Ray Santilli there. He suggested to Melaris
create a pseudo-documentary black and white autopsy film
alien в 1947 году. A director who suffered from a lack of work
willingly agreed to such a “prank”. The project also participated
special effects master John Humphreys, who had a hand in the cult
British TV series Doctor Who.

Old medical equipment and surgical clothes from the 40s
Santilli was borrowed from the theater requisors.
The scenery hastily whipped up in rented apartments in the north
the English capital. The role of pathologists and government
The autopsy agents were performed by Spiros’s friends and girlfriend.
In addition, in preparation for the shooting director actively helped him
brother, who also worked in the film industry. But the main problem is how
It is not difficult to guess, was the manufacture of the doll, probably
имитирующей труп alien.

John Humphreys was forced to use as a model his
10-year-old son at the time. As a result, the foam frame was
latex, which served as an alien skin. Doll belly
начинили коровьими внутренностями, а ногой alien с глубокой
the wound was the thigh of a lamb. Mannequin head filled with lamb
brains after the British tried unsuccessfully to pour into it
raspberry jam. The original idea was that, in contrast
from people, the “green men” brain is absolutely liquid.

Why did the director repent?

So what is the cause of Melaris repentance? Why he was silent more
two decades? In a recent interview, he said that
�”Then released from the bottle of the demon of anti-scientific obscurantism”.
Perhaps all these years, Spyros has experienced remorse because of
that deceived once a significant part of humanity, and indeed
also earned good money on his false fake. However perhaps
there is another reason, namely elementary ambition.

The fact is that the director’s career did not work out at all. Behind
all his life he took a few episodes of a penny series, two
documentaries and one television picture. Above
the only documentary tape that truly struck
viewers and became famous throughout the planet, he worked anonymously. Not
It is possible that the British simply experienced the torment of a creator who did not have
before the opportunity to express themselves and their authorship. However,
many of us will surely believe that this is Herostratus fame, and
there is nothing to be proud of here.

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