Found the secret of happiness in short notesAlbert Einstein discovered 95 years later

Albert Einstein’s short notes on the secret of a happy life
surfaced after 95 years. One of the most famous scientists in history,
whose name became synonymous with the word “genius”, was passionately interested in not
only science, but, actually, life.

He was fond of literature, music (he played well on
violin), sailing on the yacht, gardening, philately and many
other interesting things of everyday life. Contemporaries
naturalists noted that he had an enviable
cheerfulness, endearing charm, excellent sense of humor
and exceptional friendliness. In other words, if someone and
learned the secret of a happy existence, then this, beyond all
doubt, it was Einstein.

In 1922, a theoretical physicist visited the Japanese capital to
give a lecture there. In Tokyo, a scientist stayed in a hotel
�”Imperial”. There he had a little embarrassment: at some point
he (because of some distraction) ran out of cash, and he
I could not tip the courier who brought him correspondence.

Then Einstein, always distinguished by remarkable ingenuity,
I took two sheets of paper from the hotel table, wrote something on
they are in German and handed over to the Japanese. The physicist smiled as much as he could
it is impeccable to do only he, disposing of each,
after which he assured the courier:

If you are lucky and you keep these notes, someday they
will cost a lot more than the usual tip that I am given
just can not give you a moment.

Here is what is said in one of those notes by Albert Einstein:

A modest and peaceful life brings much more joy than
restless pursuit of success.

Another note tells us again such simple and at the same time
such deep wisdom:

Where there is a will, there is a way.

A genius in science turned out to be a great seer: the other day in
Jerusalem held an auction at which the nephew of the very
Japanese courier sold the first note for 1.56 million, and the second
– for 240 thousand American dollars.

It is clear that the current owners of those unique notes bought
rarely hand crafted items at that auction
Albert Einstein, however all the other people in our world,
thanks to this event, suddenly learned the secret of a simple
human happiness left to us by the great German scientist
which, as it turns out, discovered not only the laws of physics …

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