Four margins appeared in the world inrecent times

Четыре рисунка на полях появились за recent times на нашей
the planet. Three of them mysteriously formed in England and
one is in Switzerland. Famous ufologists report that in the world
the emergence of “alien” circles in the fields, and in this
there must be some hidden meaning.

The second amazing discovery was made on June 3 in the territory
Southwest England. Again, this is a classic circle
however, this time there were fewer rings inside the circle.
It is noteworthy that on the night of the appearance of the image farmers saw over
its field of incomprehensible pinkish lights scurrying through the air.

The third circle, the appearance of which affected eyewitnesses
reported to the authorities and the media on June 4, appeared in Dorset. This
the image turned out to be much more complex and skillful. It
shows a seven-pointed star inscribed in a circle with
fancy ornament. The tops of the stars are also crowned with circles.

Finally, the last masterpiece of the alleged representatives
extraterrestrial civilization unexpectedly discovered on June 5 in a Swiss
city ​​of Uster. Before us is a large circle with the image of an incomprehensible
symbol, vaguely similar to the horned head. Circumference concerns
curved line with two rings at the ends.

Recall that marginal drawings are one of the most
amazing wonders of modernity. Orthodox scholars and
the materialists dismiss them, claiming that this is the work of
mystifiers However, no skeptic has so far managed to explain how
You can seamlessly create such an image in just one night.

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