Four solar flares occurred simultaneously.the highest class!

Yesterday, four coronal ejections of the Sun itself occurred
high X-class, and it happened almost simultaneously,
which is fraught with serious consequences for our planet. Scientists yet
did not draw definite conclusions, however such increased activity
Luminaries of the last period seriously alarming.

Recall that all solar flares are divided into three classes,
Category X coronal emissions are considered the most powerful and dangerous.
for us. True, they also are different, scientists measure them in
points, for example, on September 6 of this year, the most powerful
the last time a flash of power X9.3 points. The power of the current sun
outbreaks have not yet been determined, or rather – not yet
made public.

We must assume that this will not seriously affect the work.
modern terrestrial instrumentation, which we should fear more
of all because the sun can easily paralyze in this way
life in the Earth. Imagine if the satellite suddenly disappears.
connection on our planet, it will lead to a complete collapse – failure
power systems and shutdown of nuclear power plants.

Therefore, we are waiting for the conclusions of scientists and we hope that beyond these four
flashes will not follow the following, even more powerful and destructive
for the Earth …

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