Freedivers do not follow the laws of physics, howeverscientists ignore this fact

Free diving is scuba diving,
that is, the diver simply holds his breath, you might even say
sort of turns it off. Freedivers are able to dive incredibly
greater depth and that is without any breathing apparatus and
pressure control systems.

Champions in this business can hold their breath for up to 11 minutes!
In other words, such people violate many laws of physics and scientific
perception of a person and his abilities, however
sensation for some reason it does not translate. Scientists just ignore this
amazing ability of the human body, as if no
There are no free divers in the world.

According to independent researchers, freedivers commit

Freediving, of course, is the oldest method of underwater
swimming Nowadays, when the first athletes appeared,
enthusiastic physiologists were convinced that man
unable to dive to a depth of more than 30-40 meters. It’s simple
contradicted any laws of physics. Scientists have laid out all the facts about
the human body and the effect of water pressure on it, saying
that 40 meters is the maximum depth available to us. If anyone
will try to dive deeper, his lungs will be crushed, and he
choke on their own blood.

As you might guess, this did not stop freedivers, and
the current record for scuba diving depth is 214

Italian film director and diver Martina Amati claims
that such miracles are mainly due to the human brain.
The mentality, according to the woman, is the decisive factor
in freediving. The diver forgets everything he read in textbooks.
physics and physiology, gets rid of any mental limitations and
оттого совершает unthinkable.

Amati is convinced that on the one hand, even the human body
is much more perfect and powerful than it considers
official science, and on the other hand, plays a huge role in any business
power of thought when man’s intentions literally transform him
body, and the reality surrounding it.

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