French ornithologists teach crows to collecttrash in the parks

We have already written many times how clever crows are clever, cunning and sometimes
even recklessly playful when it comes to their relationship,
let’s say street dogs or cats. But these birds sometimes do not mind
to wipe the nose of even a man, showing, for example, such miracles,
as garbage collection on the streets of the city (independently pick up
cigarette butts, paper and carry them to the urn).

This quality of a crow has long been noticed by ornithologists, not so long ago, to
for example, use clever birds for garbage collection in parks
guessed by specialists from one of the French cleaning companies,
that were organized in the park of Puy du Fou, in the village of Les Epess (West
France, region Vendée) clean-up experiment
Reserve with the help of a raven (see video).

Birds collect cigarette butts, paper and
other small debris left by numerous park guests
among which, as practice shows, every year more and more
unscrupulous and poorly educated people. Crows, of course, sometimes
themselves pick up trash for such unfortunate tourists, but experts with
using incentive feeding decided to organize feathered and
make them permanent cleaners of the protected area. And judging by
all, the organizers of this experiment have surpassed all results
waiting …

This is not surprising, assure ornithologists, smart
birds, you will tell nothing. For example, most recently one crow on
station Kinshicho capital of the Land of the Rising Sun even managed
wrest a credit card from a Japanese woman – and not just like that: she’s right there
tried to use a credit card to buy a train ticket through
ATM, having previously got acquainted with this procedure …

Therefore, enormous energy plus considerable intelligence of this bird
many experts have long been trying to use, as they say,
for peaceful purposes. The initiative of the French cleaners of Puy du Fou park in
this case is not unique, even earlier similar experiments were carried out
Dutch ornithologists. And again – successfully …

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