Frenchman taken out of a 15-year coma

The longest coma was registered with an American
Edward O’Bara, born in 1953. At the age of 16 she fell
in a diabetic coma and spent in such a state for 42 years,
having passed away in 2012, without regaining consciousness.

According to the doctors, if a person spends several years in a coma,
his chances to return to consciousness, to this world tend to zero. but
sometimes, as it turned out, there are exceptions. So, the French doctors
recently managed to bring one of these people to life.

Employees of the Institute of Cognitive Sciences in Lyon report
a man who was 20 years old in an accident and got
serious head injury. The last 15 years he spent in
coma. By law, every adult Frenchman has the right to decide how
Doctors to deal with him in this case. but наш герой в свое
time did not, and native men after such a tragedy
wished to leave the accident connected to the machine
artificial life support. It seems, for good reason, because
to the people of science, to their own surprise, managed to help the patient.
They did this through electrical stimulation of the tenth
pairs of cranial nerves, also known as the vagus nerve.

Angela Serigu, one of the authors of the operation, says that in
a special electrostimulator was installed in the patient’s abdominal cavity,
connected to the end of the vagus nerve. It bore fruit, and
the Frenchman suddenly came out of the coma. He began to respond to
surrounding and their actions, began to move the neck and perform other
simplest actions. It turned out that the human brain is capable
form new connections, that is, literally “repair yourself”
even after such a severe injury. Doctors predict that
35-year-old patient, whose name has not been disclosed, there is every chance
back to full life.

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