Fresh selection of videos with unidentified flyingobjects

We offer you an interesting selection of videos received recently
abroad and depicting unidentified flying objects.

The first video was filmed by an eyewitness on May 8 in Michigan. The man
driving along the highway when I noticed something strange in the sky. Above the ground
two light stripes appeared, next to which they blinked red
color mysterious reddish clots of energy. Led stopped
car and began to shoot this amazing phenomenon on camera
smartphone American seriously afraid that a UFO could shoot
a kind of plasma weapon on flying airliners.

The author of the second entry is a resident of Ohio. Stepping out a few
days ago on the street at night, he saw in the dark sky
strange light source. Looking closely, our hero is surprised
realized that a large aircraft was hovering above him, allegedly
triangular shape. �”Flying saucer” had a few small
lights around the perimeter and one large in the middle. After a couple of minutes
a striking object drifted away from the observer, rising to
height, and disappeared from sight.

The following shots were taken on May 7 in the vicinity of an English city.
Reading A local resident noticed in a blue cloudless sky.
a shiny metal object of an incomprehensible shape that is slowly
moved through the air, and then seemed to dissolve in height. By
According to the operator, at first he considered that this was an air
balloon, but then looked closely and realized that before him something completely
another. Having shot the UFO on the phone, he sent the recording to the ufologists.

White-purple lights dancing in the evening sky chained on May 5
The attention of residents Romeovilla, Illinois USA. One eyewitness
imprinted the supposed ships of representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization on video. Moreover, the man claims that
unidentified flying objects often appear above his home.
Frightened by such a neighborhood, the American even turned to for help.
law enforcement officers, however, the police only laughed at him

On May 3, something amazing, even potentially sensational, like
probably well-known ufologists will soon say, managed to capture on
video in ayvilande, pennsylvania united states. In the night
in the sky there was a cluster of colorful balloons, similar to
some shapeless levitating construction. By словам автора
records, the “flying saucer” slowly descended from heaven and hung
just a hundred or so meters above the ground, continuing to flash with their
by the lights. Byразительное зрелище!

Mysterious object, like some kind of huge dark arrow,
was spotted on May 10 near Westminster, Colorado (lucky
still Americans in terms of the frequency of UFO sightings or are they just
more often other inhabitants of the Earth advertise their contacts with aliens).
A resident of the countryside who did not fail to record the appearance
anomalies on camera, notes that the aircraft issued some
unpleasant hum, similar to the work of a futuristic mechanism.
Having captured the “saucer”, the operator hurried to return home – from sin

In Texas, a thunderstorm was observed on May 6, and a resident of Los Fresnos
decided to record the picturesque flashes of lightning on video. He stopped
car near the wind power plant and got a mobile
phone. The man даже не подозревал, что в объектив его устройства
will get something that goes beyond the usual. Returning home and
After reviewing the received video on the computer, our hero noticed a dark
disc-shaped object, rapidly sweeping over his car.

Next we present you the resident of the English city of Middlesbrough,
who witnessed an even more unusual and impressive picture.
The Briton reports that he was returning in the morning from a friend and suddenly
noticed in the sky a cluster of mysterious objects. Looking closely,
the observer understood that it was a fighter surrounded by
several UFOs in size slightly smaller than the terrestrial apparatus.
The impression was that the flying saucers were escorting or
even pursued a military aircraft.

Byхожий случай произошел 9 мая в американском городе
Colorado Springs. This time the witness claims that with
the alleged aircraft of the “green men”
collided local helicopter. Some Network users decided that
helicopter pursued black spherical UFO. Others are confident
which, on the contrary, unidentified objects were bothering the earth’s air
the ship. Anyway, the frames presented below were highly appreciated.
world ufologists.

Byявлением целой группы неопознанных летающих объектов
It was noted not so long ago the capital of Colombia, Bogota. Locals
noticed in the sky one large and countless small UFO.
These anomalies slowly floated through the air, smoothly changing their shape,
like some clots of darkness. Devout colombians were
simultaneously surprised and frightened by such a sight. Some local
residents even thought it was the end of the world or something in it
kind of

Finally, another amazing UFO sighting took place on May 10th
in Orange County, Southern California USA. Presented below
videotape, obtained from the window of a moving car, demonstrates
above ground, a cigar-shaped dark object with a hollow or blue
lantern in the middle. �“Alien Bublik” looked, according to
the affected operator is so surreal and implausible
that an eyewitness at first even wondered: did he start
hallucinations …

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