Fresno’s night crawlers hit twicevideo

The so-called night crawlers or Fresno aliens are
странными существами, дважды попавшими в Америке на video. First
it happened in california fresno district in 2011 and then
a year later, in Yosemite National Park.

In both cases, the mysterious cryptids were shot in the dark
суток камерами videoнаблюдения. Official science refuses
recognize the authenticity of the commercials and therefore the existence of these
creepy creatures.

Are Fresno Rams coming from a parallel world?

Night crawlers look low, about 1.2 meters tall,
whitish creatures with tiny heads and torso as well
disproportionately long legs. Judging by the records, these skinny
humanoids are completely devoid of arms. It’s hard to say why they are called.
crawlers – in fact mysterious creatures walk by doing
relatively big steps. It is not known how many such
cryptoids exist in nature, but on both commercials it is noticeable by
two entities, from which it can be assumed that night
Fresno crawlers move in pairs. Maybe it’s a male and a female?

It is noteworthy that the local Indians have ancient legends about
very similar creatures that came to us from another world,
consisting entirely of swamps. According to these myths, long legs
White creatures allow them to walk in the swamps. Native Americans
believe that the crawlers were on Earth in order to return to man
unity with nature. In California Indian Reservations
meet several wooden sculptures depicting armless
anthropomorphic creatures with long legs. It turns out, precisely these
creatures that are supposed to give us pristine harmony,
suddenly hit the camera lenses?

The authenticity of the images with night sliders is confirmed

Fresno was told about newcomers in one of the issues
popular TV show “Fact or Fake” on the American
cable channel “Syfy”. Специалисты в области фото- и videoмонтажа
thoroughly studied the records and came to the conclusion that they are real.
Leading the program said that professionals are absolutely confident in
the authenticity of the commercials, and now the California night crawlers cannot
be considered a hoax. However, many people did not heed the words
экспертов и по-прежнему называют video фальшивкой. Someone even
claims that we are talking about white pants that someone moved along
earth like puppets.

Aliens or still night cryptids?

Could this be aliens? If so, what are their motives
completely unclear. In addition, the alleged “green men”
are not accompanied by any aircraft and do not have
links to any known cases of kidnapping. Despite
that the inhabitants of the state are seriously intrigued by these creatures,
no one shows fear for them by one simple
reason: crawlers never hurt anyone, and nothing
negative about them can not be said. Well, unusual creatures, almost
mystical and therefore even terrible for someone, but they, unlike
even from people from the other world, they do not offend people at all.

And although the night crawlers are far from the most dangerous in nature
cryptoids, they are surrounded by a veil of secrecy and undoubtedly fall under
definition of an unexplained phenomenon. Perhaps this is something
supernatural or related to the subtle world. AT
the last years of mystical creatures no one saw, and Californians
already started to miss the news and talk about the sliders.
Are the enigmatic and innocuous cryptids of Fresno never again
will appear in our reality? And where exactly to look for them, if they
still in the US?

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