Friends randomly photographed with a ghostlyrider

Neil Cook and his two friends, Shane Corbett and Andrew Alexander,
recently visited the site of the famous Battle of Thoughton in North Yorkshire
(county in the north of England), where they spent the entire second half
of the day

The British were amazed when they made a selfie in the evening and
captured in the background something inexplicable. Across from them
a black silhouette appeared in the photo, suspiciously resembling
high rider on a large horse. Needless to say that our
the heroes immediately decided that they had accidentally photographed the present

According to 48-year-old Neil from Saltburn-by-the-Sea, he is
a kind of medium. Since adolescence Cook draws
to a different paranormal. Therefore, they say, there is nothing
it’s surprising that the spirit of one of the
28 thousand soldiers who died here March 29, 1461. Man even
recalls that he and his comrades heard the sound of hooves after sunset
not far from himself, however, failed to find him in the dark
a source.

Briton tells:

I had a strange feeling that we were being watched, but I didn’t
paid attention to it. Only after looking at this selfie, I realized
that we are faced with something supernatural. Many people in
The Internet is said to be a paradolic illusion. They say dark
The bushes behind us created a silhouette that looked like a rider. I
strongly disagree. In my opinion, this is a gentleman,
riding a horse. I верю, что чем больше крови пролилось в
any place, the stronger there is the presence of foreign energy
(undead souls). And you may need to have special
skills to make this energy materialize in the world

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