Frightening ghost hit the lenswedding video cameras

The American newlyweds Tobias and Emily Wayland claim that
their wedding was attended by a very unusual guest. Wedding ceremony
took place on October 13 (noteworthy that it was Friday)
of the outgoing year, however, the new spouses are only now
noticed a mysterious and frightening detail at one of their wedding
video. The couple is convinced that the present has been at the feast
a ghost that accidentally got into the camera lens.
A man and woman seriously fear that this spirit could be
a harbinger of great misfortunes in their marriage.

As Tobias and Emily tell, their marriage took place in the city
Baraboo Wisconsin. The holiday was held in a mansion Albert
Ringling (1852-1916) – a famous circus showman. This house with
The red stone trim was built in 1905. When Albert
and his wife Lou was gone, the mansion went to his sister Aida. Despite
on the fact that there were no loud tragedies here (at least
the extent of which the public is aware of), the historical
the building is considered inhabited by immigrants from the world and invariably
draws ghostbusters from across the United

One of the guests of the couple, Wayland, though he did not hunt for ghosts,
however, apparently, still captured one of them on camera
your smartphone. A friend of lovers did that evening a lot
videos, and the couple just watched all of them the other day. During
this class newlyweds unexpectedly saw something creepy on,
seemingly quite harmless video. High dark figure with
an unusually pale face slipped behind our heroes,
quietly standing and talking a little distance from the guests.
Weylands are ready to swear that they have not seen at their wedding
anyone with that appearance, and could not stranger imperceptibly
take part in the celebration. Was it really one of the ghosts
living in the ringling mansion? Emily writes:

I studied this video for a long time in the editor with the aim
figure out who it was. Due to the fact that the record was received
By our good friend, we are convinced that she is authentic. But who is this
such? I determined that the person’s face was completely white, like
a piece of chalk. We can assume that this is one of the employees of the mansion,
however, I contacted the owner, and he told me that no one
like his appearance does not work. Our friend also claims
that did not see such strange personalities during the shooting. This mystery
so occupied and at the same time frightened us with Tobias that we
decided to seek help from a medium …

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