Frightening Tatarstan snowman got ona photo

Recently it became known that in one of the villages of Tatarstan
a snowman or even a yeti group, fearing
locals. It all started with the fact that at night there were
unusual to behave the dog. At nightfall, they were taken
first barking furiously, then huddled into their kennels, where plaintively
whined. The owners of the animals immediately realized what was happening, and
scared no less than their four-legged friends.

About what is happening domestic journalists told a certain Igor
Sokolov. A man for some reason refused to give his name
the villages where these mysterious events take place, however, reported that
it is located about 40 kilometers from Kazan. According to
Igor, he does not live in this village, but recently
drove there on business. The Russian was struck by the impassable local and
some kind of dead forest in which for some reason the birds do not sing and
heard rustles and other sounds of the presence of animals, as if something
scared here all the living creatures.

Knowledgeable people quickly determined that it was probably about
any village in the vicinity of Zelenodolsk. There were even
paranormal researchers who suggested that Sokolov
speaks of Pestretsy or Shikhazda, not far from which, like
it is believed that the anomalous zone is located – hence, they say, and the dead
forest. Could prospective snow people appear in this
mysterious place? On the one hand, some cryptozoologists believe
that the yeti are relict hominids, that is, only those who survived to
of our days primitive people (the most fantastic version, it is necessary
to tell). On the other hand, it is believed that these creatures have
supernatural nature and penetrate us from a parallel world.
In this case, the anomalous zone, which may well conceal in itself and
�“Wormholes”, the most suitable place to appear in it
all kinds of mysterious entities.

Experts in the field of anomalous phenomena recall the curious
the story that happened in Tatarstan about seven years ago. Residents
villages near Arsk were also pestering snow people. AT
one of the days a car accident occurred on the road and into place
Incidents left the traffic police representatives. When they
a photoграфировали последствия ДТП, в объектив камеры попало нечто
strange. Из рощи на заднем фоне получившейся a photoграфии (смотрите
a photo выше) выглядывает высокая и темная человекоподобная фигура,
as if watching the actions of people. Curious that the staff
traffic security officers discovered a mysterious
silhouette in the picture only after three months. So yeti in these
places – the phenomenon is quite frequent.

By the way, we note that the snowman for some reason terribly hates
dogs, and the last panicky fear him. ATот почему Игорь Соколов
concludes that it was the Yeti who showed up in the Tatar village, and not
some familiar wild beast. This is confirmed and frightened
residents …

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