Frog swallowed firefly and lit upherself

Residents of Nashville, Tennessee, managed to capture on
video rather unusual phenomenon. Americans say that
a few evenings a firefly flew into their homes and households
decided not to touch such a beautiful creature. However it was worth
our heroes stop paying attention to the beetle like from somewhere
there was a frog, safely swallowed insect.
Удивительно, но после этого неожиданно засветилась herself

By turning on the video shown below, you can see how
inside the frog on the wall periodically lights up bright orange
light. Was the firefly still alive? Experts report that
this is not true. Despite this bizarre surreal effect,
the beetle was dead, but the chemical processes in it continued
act. Sucking into the digestive system of the frog, special
substances in the body of the insect for some time created

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