From the Chinese skyscraper watered the largestman-made waterfall

Residents of the People’s Republic of China surprised the whole world again. On
this time the local architects and engineers created the largest on
планете man-made waterfall.

It pours straight from the Liebian International Plaza skyscraper in
Guiyane and has a height of about 110 meters. Huge amounts of water
continuously falling down, creating opposite windows
amazing “eternal” rainbow.

When the waterfall first earned, many locals
felt that somewhere on the upper floors burst pipes. AT
the reality for this wonderful water process
meets a complex drainage system and an underground reservoir, having
dimensions of a 4-storey building.

Новость о диковинном небоскребе быстро разлетелась по ATсемирной
the web. Despite the fact that many netizens considered
artificial 110-meter waterfall is a real technological miracle
quite a few commentators called this project useless and
environmentally harmful. According to critics, the Chinese are just in vain
waste water and energy.

At the same time, the owner of Liebian International Plaza is personally
bragged in an interview with reporters that the system spends hourly
electricity for 118 dollars. However, he also assured
compatriots that soon the waterfall will start to work
only 10-20 minutes a day on special occasions, so
worrying about unreasonable waste of water and electricity
worth it …

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