From the surface of the moon soared enormous sizesUFO

A certain Matt Beland was witness to take-off from the natural
Earth satellite of an unidentified flying object incredible
sizes. And the man noticed this not with a telescope, but with the unarmed
an eye, being near the place of the service.

At the beginning of this year, he left his job in the evening and saw in
the sky is a bright round “Wolf Moon”. Our hero took out his smartphone and
I began to video it is quite rare and very impressive
a natural phenomenon. It was then that Matt noticed that from the nearest to us
a colossal aircraft or some
загадочный UFO. Startled by his discovery, Beland laid out
received video on the Web and wrote to Internet users

So, I worked hard all day and at some point decided
finally, go outside to smoke. When I was outside,
noticed how beautiful the moon was at that moment. I took the phone and
began to capture the night light on the camera. I did not believe my
глазам, когда увидел, что с поверхности Луны взлетел огромный UFO.
It was so large and bright that it perfectly locked onto
videos (see for yourself). Can anybody explain to me that
is it Maybe an airplane has flown on the background of the lunar disk or
Any satellite that I took for a “flying saucer”? I
never believed in aliens, but now I don’t even know what
think. Are they already there and can join at any moment with
us in contact?

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