From under the ground in Hawaii puzzling mysteriousblue fire

For nearly a month, the Kilauea volcano has been raging in the Hawaiian Islands.
tropical lava state flooding the american state
ash and poison all living clouds of toxic gases.

Now, rescuers and local people who have not yet evacuated
residents also witnessed a very mysterious phenomenon: in
areas prone to cataclysm, from the ground began to break out
incomprehensible blue fire. Russian-speaking journalists using
opportunities of the great and mighty of our language, write that Hawaii in
literally and figuratively, the words are now burning with a blue flame.

Experts say that the fire is so unusual shade
arose due to the burning of methane discharged to the surface through
cracks in the ground. Local authorities, having heard about it, were concerned,
considering that the combustible gas accumulating in the soil can become
cause serious fires and even explosions.

However, not everyone believes in a materialistic explanation.
this phenomenon. Some eyewitnesses suggest that the blame
there may be spirits of nature, demonic lights, or even aliens. Oh
such a picture looks too unusual, especially at night: she
certainly scares and at the same time – fascinates …

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