Future artifact discovered in Iraq

Evidence that in our physical reality is constantly
penetrate people from parallel worlds, from the future, very much. Their
it would be possible to bring them together for a long time and even on the basis of this
reconsider the well-established “scientific” view of space and

But no, it is not beneficial to orthodox science, much less
the powers that be. Scientists not only do research
of these phenomena, but even in every way try to hide or at least
reduce the importance of, for example, found artifacts that prove
that everything in this world is not so simple.

So, until now, the fact that during
US invasion of Iraq in 2004 during battles in Mosul
American soldiers in one of the craters left by the shells,
found a very strange watch, not similar to any known to them. They
handed them over to the command, and those to the scientists. Independent researchers
determined that those hours more than fifteen hundred years. But as soon as
it sounded from the lab workers, a unique artifact
was immediately removed and disappeared somewhere without a trace …

But this is very interesting: where did the tribes who inhabited one and a half
For thousands of years, those territories took such a strange clock, because
they simply could not make them. Assume it did
some highly developed civilization that inhabited present-day Iraq at that
time does not work – it was not there and could not be. It turns out that
watch lost some kind of time traveler. And it is not
the only find of the “clock of the future” lost in the deep
the past. For example, in 2008, at the opening of the medieval tomb
Chinese emperor Xi Qing were found modern Swiss
watches in the form of a gold ring with a dial and even a trademark
Swiss Made, and the analysis showed that they are over five hundred years old …

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