Gargoyle’s remains found in Puerto Rico

The video below has become small
sensation in the Puerto Rican segment of the World Wide Web. Mysterious
video, spreading in local social networks with the speed of the virus,
demonstrates the supposed remains of the gargoyle, which if
Believe the witnesses, plagued the inhabitants of the local city.

Rumors of a winged creature crept past Barceloneta
summer. It was alleged that the flying creature attacked chickens and cats, and
sometimes even dogs, sheep and goats. Despite the fact that law enforcement officers
They did not see the mythical monster, they confirmed that the killings
livestock have taken place.

The sensational video demonstrates a group of townspeople, extracting from
plastic container bones of an unknown animal which they
called the “gargoyle of Barceloneta”. People in the video claim that the data
the remains were found by them at the beginning of last week in a deep cave
near the city.

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