�”Garlic” element of the periodic table

About this unusual and very rare metal from periodic
Mendeleev’s tables – tellurium is far from being known to few: only
specialists chemists and directly working with him.

This metal is rare because in the earth’s crust in the form of fossil
it is problematic to detect it because it reacts easily
with water and becomes a volatile hydride, which simply “runs away” in

Tellurium today is obtained only by artificial means, moreover, he
may even be a byproduct that specifically
reduced to a metallic element, since it is then
used in the manufacture of solar panels and SSDs –
modern hard drives

But this metal is amazing for its “garlic” quality. If his
support in your hand even a few seconds, then you will be guaranteed
garlic smell from the mouth for several weeks. And how
scientists assure that the human body does not receive any
side effects other than “garlic” – surprisingly and in some
it’s even fantastic, since it’s scientifically explained
No one has yet been honored …

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