George Graham continues to find tracesaliens on the moon

George Graham, one of the most famous and
reputable ufologists on the portal “YouTube”, continues to make new
fantastic discoveries on auto images
interplanetary station “Chang’e-3”.

Photos of the moon taken by a Chinese robot contain
multi-colored objects suspiciously similar to different
futuristic buildings.

Not so long ago, a researcher discovered something on Selena’s frames.
resembling domed houses, now he saw turrets there,
pyramids and even giant pipes. Obviously, nature could not
create such architectural masterpieces. Here is how Graham comments
Your openings:

Again, I did not process the image,
received by the China National Space Administration. I just
cut out a fragment that interested me. Brightness, chroma and
The contrast was preserved in its original form. So what we
see here? On the moon there are towns with amazing
buildings, and they obviously were not created by man. On the moonlight
the horizon you can see a lot of fancy buildings and,
it seems even spaceships. These frames must be very
angered by nasa because the americans can’t show up on them
claims, retouch anything they don’t like, and classify from
world community.

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