George Graham found a humanoid and spaceship onmoon surface

Famous Scottish ufologist and conspirologist George Graham,
most famous under the pseudonym Streetcap1, shared with his
readers and viewers with two new interesting finds.
The researcher claims to have viewed images of the moon taken
the Chinese interplanetary station Chang’e-3, and unexpectedly discovered
Selene has two mysterious anomalies. The specialist is convinced that his
finds are directly related to extraterrestrial

The first video published by Graham demonstrates the stone
oddly shaped, suspiciously similar to humanlike
being. A surprised ufologist suggests that the speech is really
talking about a humanoid, but the “green man” is hardly alive. Maybe,
these are the remains of an alien that have petrified here naturally
way in the course of any disaster: as victims of an eruption
Vesuvius, mineralized due to burial under volcanic

On the second video you can see the object captured
camera “Chang’e-3” on the horizon of Selena. There stands something
resembling a large streamlined spacecraft
oblong shape. The author of the find is sure that it is a spaceship
alien, made of metal unknown to earth science. Left
the wing of the aircraft facing the lens glows in
the sun rays, however, the fuselage, chassis and tail of the intended ship
are in the shade.

Despite the fact that many space researchers believe
George Graham an inveterate dreamer, and the official science for a long time
no longer responding to his “fantastic finds”, Streetcap1 channel
on YouTube video hosting is very popular on him
signed over 70 thousand people, and comments to the videos
The ufologist is always mostly positive.

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