German developers created the engine,using a mixture of fuel with water

We already wrote that Russian scientists have developed an emulsion,
on a good half consisting of water, and this mixture demonstrates
where better quality when operating an internal combustion engine than
clean gasoline or diesel.

German developers concern BSH (Bosch) went somewhat different
in this way they decided to improve the engine itself
internal combustion. After all, every motorist knows (or
let’s say, almost everyone) that approximately one fifth of the fuel
in the engine is spent not for its intended purpose, but simply cools
motor, especially it is effective at high engine speeds, that is
at high speeds of movement of a car.

So BSH experts created the engine, in which
fuel ignition injected into intake manifold
fine water dust, so that the motor is better
cools and fuel is saved. Moreover, distilled water at
this is spent no more than two hundred grams per 100 kilometers, and
at the same time, fuel savings of up to 13 percent are achieved. If by
for some reason the water in the special tank for this is over, then
the car will not stop at all, just the engine will be more
�”Eat” fuel and cool worse, as in a conventional engine
internal combustion.

It is worth noting that the developers of the RAS prove that their water
the emulsion can also work efficiently, saving up to 90
percent of fuel. True, when such a unique fuel arrives
on sale and how much it will cost, not specified. But German
manufacturers have already announced that the first car with the system
water injection will become a BMW M4 GTS. Trial copy of this machine
with the new engine has demonstrated that its six-cylinder
the turbo engine uses 10 to 15 percent less “fuel” (all
depends on what speeds you will ride), while
its dynamic characteristics have become much higher than that of
similar engine without water injection system.

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