German oak with postal address allows peoplefind love

For more than a century, a 500-year-old oak tree, called Wedding, is
important attraction of the German city Oytin on earth
Schleswig-Holstein. A unique tree with its own
postal address, helps many earthlings find their second
mate Daily postmen dipped in its hollow about 40
letters sent here by lonely people from all over the world,
who wish to find love in such an unusual way.

Wedding oak collects letters from all over the world

Each of these senders hopes that his letter will be read and
will write the answer. Nowadays, when there are a lot of sites and
applications for dating, this approach does not look too
effective, but real romantics are ready to rely on fate
and write your messages in ink on paper, as in past times. AT
hollow, officially performing the role of the mailbox, repeatedly
correspondence was noticed from Russia, Japan, China, India,

ATысота ATенчального дуба составляет около 25 метров, обхват —
over 5 meters. A kind of “dating exchange”, ironically becoming
The digital age has become even more popular than before.
For all time to conclude at least 100 marriages. And the amount
people who got their penpals from the tree
do not count. There are two legends, one of which is about
appearance of oak, the other – about how he became “postal”.

Legends of Wonderful Oak

According to the first myth, a tree was planted in the forest by the son
Celtic chieftain left there to die enemies.
The Christian girl took pity on the young man and saved his life, and
the young man subsequently buried an acorn in this place
reminder and gratitude for the assistance provided to him. When oak
reached an impressive size, among the locals one appeared
superstition connected with marriage. It was believed that
if an unmarried girl goes around a tree three times under a full moon, don’t
talking and not laughing, and besides, being alone at this time,
then soon marry well.

Another legend, according to historians, for the most part or even
completely true. It is reported that at the end of the 19th century there lived
lovers: the daughter of the main forester of these places and the son of the producer
chocolate Forester forbade a girl to meet a young
man, and then the couple, despite this prohibition, came up
leave messages to each other in the now-famous hollow. With time
stern but sensible father realized that hinder the bright
the feeling of the daughter and her chosen one is useless, and he gave his lovers
blessing for marriage. The wedding was played on June 2, 1891.
under the branches of the oak itself.

Single people really find love

The romantic story of this happy couple quickly spread over
Oytinu, and many other lovers began to leave letters in the hollow.
ATскоре парням и девушкам приходилось перебирать целый ворох
paper messages to find those that were addressed
personally to them. AT 1927 году к дереву приставили лестницу, а его дупло
got a postal address. AT наши дни ATенчальное дерево нередко
attracts the attention of the press, not only German, but also
foreign. April 25, 2009, the oak was even symbolically combined
marriage with horse chestnut in Düsseldorf, which unfortunately
died in 2015.

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