German scientists have determined the exact ageShigir Idol

Shigirsky idol, found almost 130 years ago in the peatlands of the Urals
(near the modern city of Kirovograd, Sverdlovsk region), with
from the very beginning raised many questions (especially about his
age) from archaeologists, historians and other scientists who first
believed that he was no more than 2-3 millennia, or even less.

However, the mysterious figure hollowed out by the ancient inhabitants of Eurasia
solid larch logs (completely reconstructed from
debris in 1914), at the first radiocarbon analysis
literally shocked scientists because it turned out that the idol was
Made by our ancestors about 10 thousand years ago. How is
perhaps no one could understand. After all, according to well-established
representations of a number of historians and anthropologists, the ancient man of that
era was not able to create anything like this because
amazing statue showed high culture and spirituality
its creators.

It turned out that Shigirsky idol at least twice
older than the Egyptian pyramids, while he proves that
the territory of the modern Urals existed quite developed
civilization. But maybe all the same there was an error in the definition
the age of this artifact? ..

That is why German scientists joined the study of idol
possessing the most modern equipment and vast experience in this
business The other day they published in the archaeological journal Antiquity
the results of their great and very important work.
It turned out that the wooden sculpture Shigirsky idol is even older,
than previously thought, it is 11.5 thousand years old. That’s what it says about
This professor at the University of Göttingen, Thomas Terberger:

We concluded that in that distant period hunter-gatherers
modern Urals already possessed a high culture, here already
flourished ancient civilization with a certain level
art and religious ideas about the structure of this world.
However, to establish exactly what this wooden was intended for
idol is simply impossible because we have no written
sources about the life of that ancient era. Most likely, this idol
embodied the idea of ​​the people of that era about forest spirits, it could be
sign-warning go something like that. Perhaps others
Ural discoveries will help scientists understand the meaning invested in this
wooden sculpture ancient woodcarvers.

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