Germans photographed monster in the river Elbe

54-year-old resident of Dresden Torsten Kod photographed the other day
something mysterious and frightening in the river Elbe. According to the German, he
calmly strolled along the Königsufer embankment. On the skin of a man
a chill ran when he noticed a long dark creature
a tail stuck out of the water, a back and a small head on a long
the neck.

Struck by this picture to the depths of the soul, an eyewitness reached in
pocket for a smartphone and made a single shot of the creature,
before she hastily disappeared in the depths. Our hero thought that
in the Elbe it turned out the legendary Loch Ness monster or similar
an individual of this species. Shocked by the author of the photo

This creature appeared right near the Karolabruke bridge!
It was several meters long and sailed slowly along the Elbe. I
for some reason I immediately thought it was Nessie. I достал свой телефон и
once photographed the monster, after which he dove and no longer
appeared on the surface of the river, although I hoped for it. it
just unbelievable, this is the best shot i ever
did. Had I been here a minute later, and this creature would have escaped
from me. Its resemblance to the world famous Loch Ness monster
impossible to deny. Is it really there? Or maybe it comes
about kin Nessie? I can not say with accuracy. I think I threw
cryptozoology specialists are very good material for analysis and

Amazing image quickly spread through the news,
cryptozoological and entertainment portals of Germany. Many
the Germans felt that a mysterious, dinosaur-like creature
emerged from the North Sea and sailed up the Elbe. Other
Commentators are confident that the submitted frame looks too
good to be true and surely the result
skillful photomontage.

Meanwhile, other skeptics say it was the most common
a tree trunk floating on a river (and able to dive when its
take pictures). One way or another, it should be noted that the sensational
The picture looks much more impressive and believable than
the vast majority of the alleged evidence of existence
Scottish Nessie.

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