Ghost beloved dog visited histhe hostess

Psychologists say it is no wonder if
a person who has lost a beloved dog or cat is constantly sweating
notices her silhouette, shadow, even sometimes the real look here and there
– this is how our consciousness works, which does not want to part with
those to which we are very attached in this life.

However, if the ghostly shadow also captures the soulless digital
camera, then you have to think about – what is it? Exactly
the 44-year-old Canadian from
the province of Manitoba, Michelle Creighton, who first saw on
window curtains silhouette of the recently deceased beloved dog, and then
photographed her.

In theory, the photograph should be completely different (according to
psychologists), since such native “images” are no more than
than a paradolic illusion. However, when Creighton looked over
the shots she received experienced some shock – they also clearly
the silhouette of her beloved dog named Oakley, which
He died in April of this year. Here is what the Canadian itself says:

At first I was very scared, even the goosebumps ran over the skin. AT
the next moment I abruptly pulled back the window curtain, but nothing followed her.
It was, except for the window frame. I drew the curtain again, but … already
there was no shadow …

Michelle is sure that it was a true ghost of her beloved dog,
that Oakley’s soul came back to her for a moment to console her
her grief – the loss of a beloved friend.

Before that, Creighton remembers, I constantly remembered my dog
and certainly cried, and now, after this meeting, in my soul
as if something had changed for the better. I became again
smile, I calmed down, I am now one hundred percent sure that Oakley
good and that he is constantly with me. Still with me, I feel
his presence and therefore I can rejoice, be, as before,
happy …

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