�”Ghost boy” found in the Moldavian schooltextbook

A resident of the Moldovan capital Nikolai Kostyrkin considered
school textbook on the subject of “knowledge of the world” for the fourth grade and
discovered something strange on one of the pages of this study

Chisinau says that a photo was printed there
boys and girls playing chess. It would seem nothing
Remarkable shot, isn’t it? However, the attention of men
chained one strange detail that many may even regard
like something mystical.

Behind two children, another child is visible in the frame described,
but he looks, to put it mildly, strange. Blurry pale
the boy’s figure with thick hair froze in the background, as if
some kind of ghost. The mysterious child’s mouth is open and visible
his long skinny fingers, and his eyes resemble dark hollows on

The boy appears to be wearing a striped outfit, but some
especially impressionable (and probably good
imagination) World Wide Web users claim it is
naked chest. Straight some frame from a horror movie, not

However, skeptics find a mysterious photo a simple explanation.
They believe that the blame for the long exposure or defect
print, and maybe both. Thus, according to
hesitant, it was an ordinary living child who is just bad
displayed on the snapshot. The following is unclear in this case:
How such poor-quality pictures get to textbooks? True if
here the mystic is really involved, the ghost boy could
appear on the photo much later, when the textbook has already been delivered
in the set, and even after the publication of the book …

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