Ghost caught on video duringChristmas celebrations

The user of the popular social network “Reddit” under a pseudonym
THill3215 writes that she and her friends accidentally succeeded
catch the alleged ghost in the video. It happened during
celebrating catholic christmas on December 25th which also
coincided with this company with the birthday of one of her
participating Young people did not even suspect that their party
come from the next world. Here is what an American writes:

A little background. My sister and I went recently to
Burketsville, Maryland, to celebrate simultaneously
Christmas and birthday of her friend. We shot during the feast
a lot of videos with songs, jokes and other tipsy drunken
revelers When I looked through some of these records later,
suddenly noticed on one of them a ghostly figure,
skipped right behind me! Please help us determine
is it really supernatural or what happened
can you find a rational explanation? Subsequently, I sent this
video to all who attended the celebration, and most of us
decided it was a phantom entity. I also tend to this
opinion, however, I would be calmer if it turned out that
just some kind of bizarre illusion.

By turning on the 10-second video below, you can
really notice how at the very end for our heroine swims
something suspiciously like not a pale human head with
translucent body. Estimated ghost appears only on
several frames, but it is very clearly visible. The regulars
�”Reddit” believe that we can talk about a bunch of dust or reflections
light, however, to say anything with absolute precision no one
is decided. Maybe it really was a real ghost
Who wished to join the fun of all? ..

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