�”Ghost child” hit the photo taken inBedlington City Park

39-year-old resident of the English town of Bedlington, Laura Watson
says she recently went with her children to
the park, however, the rest of the family in nature was overshadowed by an ominous shot,
received by the mother that day. According to the British, on
the photo she received was imprinted, materializing behind her
9-year-old son of Byron. Alleged foreigner even
put his hand on the boy’s shoulder, which is very disturbed

A mysterious incident happened last weekend at a local park.
�Plessy Woods. Laura’s children climbed one of the trees here, and
the woman decided to take a picture of her siblings at this moment. She is
I did not even suspect that an unfamiliar boy with a
pale face and black eyes that no one saw then
nearby (yes you will see this – you will lose your mind). Watson admits
previously she did not particularly believe in supernatural phenomena, however
now she really scared.

It is noteworthy that in the Bedlington there is an urban legend about
the phantom of a boy who once drowned in one of the ponds of this park.
It is rumored that the restless spirit of the unfortunate child is still
время от времени появляется в �Plessy Woods. His, they say, you can
see with peripheral vision or accidentally fix on the photo like this
It turned out at Laura.

Many Internet users have advised women more
pray for your family and, most importantly, do not think about anything bad.
Of course, no ghost appears near a living person just
so (in the universe there is no place for accidents at all), therefore fears
mother about her child is not in vain. But they are not justified, because
to deal with all this can only sincere faith and
prayers. Fear in this case only connects us with the forces
allowing them to dispose of our energy, and, ultimately, –
health and even life …

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