Ghost face photographed in vintagethe pub

British ghostbusters believe they succeeded
take a picture of a phantom is not that a pimp, is not that a client of a prostitute in
the pub 15-го века, являвшемся некогда публичным домом.

The purple profile of the ephemeral head accidentally fell into
lens camera one of the researchers paranormalschiny.

The “Dun Cow” pub in the English city of Durham has long been considered
the building, where numerous people from the other world stuck. When
debauchery reigned in this place, several cruel things happened here
of killings on the basis of jealousy and misunderstanding, so devilry is
where to get into the walls of the building (researchers ghosts and
other mystics believe that the souls of the slain, like the souls of the murderers themselves,
belong to the undecided, and therefore often for many centuries “stuck”
between worlds). In addition, near the brothel at one time was located
the gallows, where the drunkards went to gawk at the executions.

Skeptics naturally believe that this is a common paradolic
иллюзия, вызванная неровным освещением в the pub. Although they recognize
what it looks like, ominously ominous – like someone’s ghostly

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