Ghost father saved a girl on the road

On the Internet, a video is gaining popularity.
the surveillance camera captured the moment like a late evening girl
crosses the road and almost gets under the wheels of the car.

The girl does not notice that after the first car, which
it crosses, one more car moves on the second lane of the route,
under the wheels of which she was destined to fall. However … girl
avoids death or at least injury because she is
help comes the ghost of her father (in social networks discussed
it is this theory).

And although most Internet users thought that the video
– the usual fake, optimistic users decided that if
even so, this installation is very professional, and
the video itself shows a situation that is very similar to
the truth.

And this is not the first or the second case when ghosts or
guardian angels save people on the roads by practically pulling out
road accident victims. And to say that all such videos are fakes,
would be wrong since many videos of such content
were thoroughly censored by video editing specialists and were
recognized as real records.

It is not known whether anyone censored this
video, but what could be in real life –
indisputable. And therefore we look and rejoice for this lovely girl,
which was not destined to get under the wheels of a car, recognizing
at the same time that a subtle afterworld can not only frighten us,
living, but often to save …

Below (for example) is an old video,
showing something similar that has happened in China for five years
back, but today he gathers thousands of web users
Internet per day, and few of them think that this is a fake.

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