Ghost girl ran in front of the camera inPeruvian Bank

Employees of one of the branches of the bank “Banco de Crédito del Perú”
in the Peruvian capital, Lima, faced the other day with something inexplicable
and frightening. Employees of a financial institution claim that
the ghost of a girl of about ten took literally out of nowhere. Phantom
ran through the room, hitting the camera lens, and without a trace
disappeared. Surprised eyewitnesses for an hour looking for an ephemeral child and
even called the police, but the girl was not found.

The video below shows two men, one of
who is shooting, and a woman. At some point in the back
the plan arises a dark silhouette of a child who runs to the side
and disappears around the corner. The operator says he saw a strange girl
through the lens of a video camera, but colleagues do not trust him and only
grin in response. Then the Peruvian with the camera goes to the main
putting the bank to find out where the child went, but the girls and
trail of cold.

The surprised operator showed the video to colleagues, and those
also surprised, and then for some reason were frightened. After searching
It was decided to call the police for the little uninvited guest
still a bank. Militiamen first said that mysterious
the child must have run into the room from the street, and then quickly
ran back. However, it turned out that the bank was closed at that time.
at lunchtime, and go into it was impossible. Is it worth
say that the arriving guards of the law did not find inside any

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