Ghost hand noticed on the photo of the motherprime minister of india

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is famous for
compatriots that leads a fairly modest lifestyle.
This statesman pointedly denies himself and
native in luxury or at least successfully creates such an image
my family.

So, the other day the 96-year-old mother of the policy Hiraben went to
ATM to withdraw money. Many have written about this event.
local media. Sobit, of course, not the most
interesting from the point of view of the newspaper chronicles, but journalists
considered it necessary to illuminate it, because it demonstrates
the democratic nature of the current ruling elite of India.

However, attentive users of the Indian segment of the World
the web suddenly noticed that this event could be where
more remarkable and even more exciting than imagined
by the journalists themselves. The fact is that in one of the pictures
an elderly woman who sat down in a rickshaw seemed… ghostly
arm. To be more precise, this is a mysterious brush bent under
unusual angle and wrapping his shoulder Hiraben Modi.

Has the mother of the Indian premiere been photographed
with a real ghost? Many devout Indians thought
that it could well be.

Other network regulars have stated that the snapshot has undergone
installation. Say, journalists for some reason (for example, damage
of today’s photo) used the old image of the mother
politics and pasted him in the photo with rickshaws, however,
carelessness did not retouch the hand of a person who supported

Finally, there were commentators who decided that the frame
is authentic, but a woman was held by the hand of someone from
nearby people, that is, nothing supernatural here
not. And the fact that this person is not completely visible is a common illusion,
which in our world can not be considered because of the imperfection of our bodies
perception of the surrounding space and time, which also sins
all our equipment, including photo and video equipment.

Some users, by the way, found another one in the photo.
sinister detail. According to them, the mouth of a man in a light shirt,
standing at a distance, revealed in an unnatural way, as if in a mute
scream. However, this effect could be created by low quality.

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