�”Ghost hand with six fingers”photographed at a wedding

A web user who wishes to remain anonymous tells
that photographed the alleged ghost. More precisely man
thinks that he accidentally got into the lens of his camera
a terrible ghostly hand with six fingers that can hardly
to belong to a living person, or at least to an earthling.

According to our hero, he recently visited a relative’s wedding,
to which many other guests were invited. In a certain
the moment the man sat down at a table, took out his smartphone and made
several pictures of people around him. Safely forgetting about it,
he joined the fun.

However, after almost a week, our hero looked through
photos on the phone and suddenly noticed a strange frame,
received at the last marriage ceremony. Unknown
the guest of celebration held a glass of champagne in a very unnatural way
looking like a paw of an animal or even some kind of
monster from a horror movie. The author of the image was very puzzled and in
somewhat frightened by his mysterious discovery.

Of course, in medicine, there is such an anatomical deviation as
polydactyly when a person is born with a lot of fingers
on one or another limb, but the man swears that among
There were no such guests invited to the wedding. Our
the hero personally found out by asking around the close relatives of that
wedding ceremony.

Some Internet regulars thought it was the fault
probably line-by-line transfer in the matrix of the camera of the smartphone. Such
effects are possible when the device captures the image is not
entirely, and in parts. Thanks to this, those in motion
objects can take on a very fancy look in the frame. However not
a real miracle is also excluded: the smartphone is “caught” in its lens
something supernatural: come on now, check if this is so or

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