Ghost hands

Sometimes ghosts or the same poltergeist appear in our world.
not as a human or even a creepy monster, but as a piece of a figure,
most often, hands.

For example, a poltergeist case has been documented,
who raged in one of the Scottish houses in 1654 – pounded
on the floor, so much so that all the furniture went shaking and even the structure
shook. At the same time, the witnesses of this atrocity of the evil doha
saw only his hand, which with the force of pounding fist on

Another case from the same XVII century. That time in the bedroom one
out of the houses of England, someone suddenly began to knock. Hosts took
candles and went to check what it is. Having entered the room, households
they saw that only one hand was flying in the air with a hammer with which
she knocks on the bed. With the approach of people, the hand disappeared, like,
however, the hammer. The owners checked the bed – empty, no hands, no
they did not find the hammer. However, when they began to leave
bedroom, someone invisible threw a hammer in the middle of the room.
The hammer was recognized, but that’s how he got into the bedroom – left
a mystery.

Poltergeist in the form of individual hands more than once appeared in the house of a member
National Council of Switzerland M. Ioller in the second half of XIX
century. For example, on August 20, 1862, the landlord with his wife and son
had breakfast around ten o’clock in the morning. Suddenly someone at the door became
drumming hard The door eventually opened itself
By themselves, and all those present for a moment noticed a hand,
opened it, which immediately disappeared. Three days later, Ioller rested
on the bed and even already dozed off, when suddenly to his left temple someone
touched, as if spinning hair on his head. Thinking this,
perhaps his wife wakes him, the man grabbed his hand, but she somehow cleverly
twisted and retired to the window, and the hand was without a body …

Why poltergeist shows only hands?

In 1871, something similar happened in the house of a Russian landowner
A.W. Schapova. His wife first heard a knock on the window, and then she saw
on the outside, the knocking handle itself is practically a child’s palm. Exactly
she, gentle, with small transparent marigolds, and drumming in
glass. These knocks continued in the house of the landowner and beyond. Once he
decided to catch the invisible joker and abruptly burst into the room of his wife,
where the knock came from. Burst and … dumbfounded because on the floor
the children’s hand was playing, tapping the cubes, she immediately jumped away from
toys and slipped on a blanket sleeping wife Shchapova. He woke
spouse, but under the blanket no child or even his hands
it turned out.

The mysterious translucent hands of the ghost also observed
English scientist W. Crooks (W. Crookes, 1832-1919), and this
occurred in a session of the medium:

At some point, William recalled, graceful, or feminine, then
did a child’s hand appear as if from the air and gave me a flower,
that stood in a vase on the dinner table. And so she appeared three times,
And this happened in the afternoon in bright light, the only thing that is near
with me was a medium, which, apparently, and contributed to the emergence of this
cute pen.

Another time, the scientist saw two hands already, again children’s,
who seemed to be playing with each other, then they approached
William, they tugged at his clothes and … disappeared.

Similar stories, it is true, could be heard from modern
poltergeist witnesses, however, reliable descriptions to find not
succeeded, but fictional stories with creepy ghost hands on
all sorts of resources with horror stories to spare. Unfortunately, on
such online sites to separate the wheat from the chaff
impossible …

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