Ghost hit the lens baby monitors

A curious frame was published on the web by a married couple from English
urban agglomeration teesside.

Spouses who wish to remain anonymous say that
a few nights ago, the baby monitor captured something frightening in
the bedroom of their little daughter. Parents installed near the bed
babes special camera to be able to watch
as a child, while he sleeps, and suddenly hit the device lens
mysterious dark figure.

The supposed ghost was sitting at the head of the bed and, judging by
everything, looked straight at the sleeping girl! Bye baby’s father
frightened for his daughter, quickly ran to the nursery,
mother managed to take a picture of a phantom on the monitor of a baby nurse once.
According to the woman, her husband did not have time to walk to her daughter’s bedroom, like
eerie silhouette, clearly anticipating the appearance of a male child,
dissolved in the air.

The couple was so scared by what happened that she turned to
to the medium Sammy Rawlinson of Stockton-on-Tees. Psychic attentively
studied the home of the family and found a large clot of negative
energy on the second floor of the house – just where the room is

In addition, the clairvoyant talked to the couple’s daughter and determined
that the baby has an “imaginary friend” named Rosie. Medium
suspects that the shadow of the afterlife settled here may
take the form of this very girlfriend and suck out the girl
vitality. Although it is possible that this is just a ghost
some ancestor, say, a grandmother or great-grandmother, who does not
has no bad intentions and even protects the baby during her
sleep. To determine this, you need, of course, time, patient
parental observation and their awareness that thin
the world of the dead quite rarely comes into contact with the world of the living in order
hurt …

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