Ghost hound photographed near the ruinsmedieval castle

Женщина, побывавшая недавно возле руин medieval castle
Sandal near the English city of Wakefield, made there
mysterious photo, which, in her opinion, was captured
�”Hell Hound”, or, in other words, a ghostly dog.

Castleford resident visited the ruins of the fortress in the evening 7
March to exercise there. AT
she saw a certain moment of her occupation at dusk a major
animal like a dog or wolf.

The most amazing thing was that the mysterious creature
translucent and weightless, like a phantom, and did not pay to
man no attention. Despite its shock, our heroine
found the courage to get a mobile phone once
take a picture of the supposed ghost. After that, according to
according to the British, the inexplicable chimera just dissolved in the air,
as if she had never been there. To the surprise of the Englishwoman, the creature
relatively clearly fixed by the camera. ATернувшись домой, автор
the picture immediately sent it to local researchers
supernatural phenomena from the haunted yorkshire community.
Specialists Richard Bramell and Joe Collins have carefully studied
the image, however, could not make an absolute verdict that
it is.

Experts report that it could be a cryptoid, that is, a living
Monster, and come from the thin world. Bramalle even suggested
that it could be a humanoid creature with bare pink skin,
moving on all fours. Collins – jokingly or not –
stated that we are talking about a dwarf camel.

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