Ghost in the night cemetery scaredScotsman

A resident of the Scottish city of Brihin in the eastern region of Angus
reports that for the first time in his life he witnessed the supernatural
phenomena. Moreover, the man claims that he managed
Capture this devilry on the camera of your smartphone.

По словам Scotsman, он работает в вечернюю смену и возвращается
home is always very late. Every night, our hero passes by
a large urban cemetery, however, until today it is completely
not afraid of this place. Now the man is afraid to appear here.
after dusk, and in a dream nightmares.

Having recently appeared near the churchyard, he suddenly saw
the gate is a vague whitish silhouette, like a tall woman in white
the dress. At first the Briton could not believe his eyes and even
photographed this phenomenon that struck him, finding it to be
a rare haze of mist or a flash of light on the ground. However later
clearly saw in the resulting picture that this is indeed a phantom
human figure, our hero instantly retreated.

The author uploaded this image to the World Wide Web and asked
Network Council regulars: what should he do now? Can happen
so that this ghost will start chasing him now? After all, no wonder
there is a widespread belief that some evil beings
having met the person, can become attached to him. And then there’s
неожиданные ночные кошмары отчего-то начали донимать Scotsman…

Some regulars on the Internet advised the man
turn to a psychiatrist, others to magicians, but most simply
sympathized with the author and tried to reassure him: perhaps this
quite friendly ghost, and therefore you should not be afraid of him, and
all the more in advance to make some terrible conclusions. Hence the night
nightmares, like fear of the future …

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